・Business Description

Since our establishment in 1964, we have been focusing for science and medical instruments.
Currently, in additional to the trading company function, we are also active as our own
product development manufacture. Our company have two business model for direct sale for scientific instruments, medical instruments, consumables, and reagents for Academia, Company, Industry and Government and manufacture’s sales system. Also we have established a service division for important after delivery instruments.

In addition, as a new form of business, we are participating in projects to make effective use of the patents held by researchers, which have been adopted by the Japanese government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a strategic support project for the advancement of basic technology, a regional future-driving company, and a small and medium-sized enterprise
manufacturing subsidy project.

If Japanese technology seeds or patents are useful for their products, we will provide them to our overseas manufacturers. We would like to realize a corporate cooperation system on an even higher level than just being a seller or buyer.

・Delivery record

National universities ( Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Science and Engineering and Agriculture,

Private universities ( Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Science and Engineering and Agriculture, etc.)

National institute and technology colleges and biotechnology colleges

Government of Japan (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc.)

National research institutes, research institutes in public offices, public testing and inspection organizations, prefectural police, private inspection organizations, contracted companies, etc.

Private companies (major pharmaceutical companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, venture companies, major steel companies, automobile-related companies, banks, etc.)

・Our own products and imported products

Plasma System & PARYLENE Coating System By FEMTO SCIENCE

Handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzer(S1), micro X-ray fluorescence analyzer (M4), by Bruker (Germany, USA)

Fully automated sectioning 3D microscopy system Genus_3D

Cell counter & Digital Imager by Logos Biosysytems, inc (Korea)

Holographic Micro Scope System by Tomocube, Inc.

UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer by Micro Digital Co., Ltd

Comprehensive software for metal analysis (in-house developed)

There are other import and research and development products.